Our firm was established in 1996 as a traditional accounting firm serving clients in the areas of tax and write up. Working with business owners we soon learned that what owners really wanted was a financial quarterback to guide them in all areas of their business. In 2005 we eliminated the “traditional” side of our business to focus exclusively on offering CFO services. While both the CPA and CFO roles are important, they have very different focus. In our role as your CFO we will focus on strategic planning, budgeting, cash flow, maximizing profits and growing your business. As a CPA we will focus on tax strategies, tax compliance and filing, interpretation of tax laws and financial statement presentation.

Our team of experienced CPA’s and CFO’s will provide expertise in all areas of your business creating a synergy between the advice you want and the tax and accounting compliance you need.


Michael W. Hajek III, CPA

Phone: 727-327-1239 Ex 11
Email: Mike@Hajekcpa.com
Chief Financial Officer

Karen Hajek, CPA

Phone: 727-327-1239 Ex 12
Email: Karen@Hajekcpa.com
Managing Partner

Matthew White, CPA

Phone: 727-327-1239 Ex 27
Email: Mwhite@Hajekcpa.com
Senior Tax Manager

Jason Sayles

Phone: 727-327-1239 Ex 16
Email: Jason@Hajekcpa.com
Director of Operations

Joi Dubin, EA

Phone: 727-327-1239 Ex 14
Email: Joi@Hajekcpa.com
Tax Manager

Joanna "Jo" Wagner

Phone: 727-327-1239 Ex 17
Email: Jo@Hajekcpa.com
Tax Manager

Agatha Saliba

Phone: 727-327-1239 Ex 23
Email: Asaliba@hajekcpa.com
Wealth Management Client Associate

Lucas Michalski

Phone: 727-327-1239 Ex 24
Email: Lucas@Hajekcpa.com
Senior Client Manager

Eric Borow, CPA

Phone: 727-327-1239 Ex 18
Email: Eborow@Hajekcpa.com
Senior Client Manager

Megan Jones, CPA

Phone: 813-385-4362
Email: Megan@Hajekcpa.com
Client Manager

Olga Arab

Phone: 727-327-1239 Ex 25
Email: Olga@Hajekcpa.com
Client Manager

Beth Saydeh

Phone: 727-327-1239 Ex 15
Email: Bsaydeh@Hajekcpa.com
Client Manager

Sandy Macaulay

Phone: 727-327-1239 Ex 21
Email: Sandy@Hajekcpa.com
Client Manager

Liz Hodges

Phone: 727-327-1239 Ex 13
Email: Liz@Hajekcpa.com
Client Manager

Marlene Mokracek

Phone: 727-327-1239 Ex 25
Email: Marlene@Hajekcpa.com
Client Manager

Jean Andrews

Phone: 727-327-1239 Ex 25
Email: Jandrews@Hajekcpa.com
Client Manager

Kent Buska

Phone: 727-327-1239 Ex 22
Email: Kent@hajekcpa.com
Staff Accountant

Brenda Hendrickson

Phone: 727-327-1239 Ex 10
Email: BrendaH@Hajekcpa.com
Office Manager


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